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April 16th, 2012

Get an infographic of your twitter stats, then knock it down Angry Birds style! Can you beat my 5652 pts? http://t.co/yKePda4n

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@dhewlett @JewelStaite Perhaps Canadian Bacon flu?

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@Doc008 Humor/humeur altijd welkom!
Momenteel is het weer… donker! En rond 0C http://t.co/EdBOxrUx

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RT @dhewlett: Either this is the flu or I’ve suddenly aged 100 years…and before @JewelStaite chimes in…it’s probably all her fault too!

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engadget Google finally grabs Gmail domain and trademark in Germany: users can drop the ‘oogle’ http://t.co/6UK3iFqJ

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@Doc008 Wat is het bereik? (mijn e-auto is ‘in the shop’ dus ik kan het niet komen brengen)

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LisaSabinWilson Just drove past a house whose address on the mailbox is 404040. The house is dark gray in color.

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@Doc008 Ik heb nog wel een extra glaasje, hoor. Spring maar op je fiets… ;-)

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Read Gen’s blog about the magic of reading to a child! http://t.co/OeWV5Hjz (via @PajamaProgram)

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@mrsnorheim you’re welcome :-)

Did the phone number show from which they called?

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For geeks & open-minded people… http://t.co/xGtTWOuL @thinkgeek

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@DellLytter Called 67117516 for support. Got passed on to 67116882. And they… passed me back to 67117516 #circle #useless

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