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Sarpsborg, Norway

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April 25th, 2012

engadget Google Drive is coming to Linux, tells users to ‘hang tight’ http://t.co/xC6Q8s0c

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mashable Google Photo Tours Take You to 15,000 Destinations [VIDEO] - http://t.co/iBIo3QmP

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Alyssa_Milano 2 Year Old Boy Travels 3 Miles To Visit Grandma - http://t.co/LhloMVEK /via @Pepamint83

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mashable Girl on Phone Falls Through Pavement Into Sinkhole [VIDEO] - http://t.co/Aew7JSFz

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thinkgeek Warning! Your internet membership has expired. Reconfirm your subscription for only $119.99: http://t.co/IAtlHUfi

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Fritt frem for elbilene i kollektivfeltet - Aftenposten bil: http://t.co/I6Ayd5iP

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Apple “ten years behind Microsoft” in malware readiness http://t.co/jutQuQdi

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See five Star Trek TV captains at London Trekkie convention http://t.co/soZEbwZ8

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University of Florida Eliminates Computer Science Department, Increases Athletic Budgets. http://t.co/8zsLGggd

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Hey @appstore: time to drop dirty coal and innovate. We want a #cleancloud! please RT! http://t.co/ueZ3wXir

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@NokiaHelps getting ‘your account is locked’ on https://t.co/X5fAn3Yl How do I unlock?

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Amsterdam metro is unsafe and should be closed http://t.co/403jRSCM

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Why Bill Gates Is A Hero And Donald Trump Is A Zero - Forbes http://t.co/3cgicswX

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Google Drive is out. So far not all that dissimilar from DropBox or Synology Cloud Station.

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