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April 27th, 2012

Got the entire Star Gate Atlantis series on blu-ray. Looking forward to the eps with @dhewlett & @katehewlett !

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“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country” - Vonnegut

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mashable Is the buzz surrounding Kickstarter driving funds into projects that would otherwise never make it? http://t.co/M5h3UrJF

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@CrownPrincessMM Swedes have no respect for electric cars: http://t.co/r958H5wu (Nordby Shopping)

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@i_Drona I think you do, yes… Why would Microsoft make something simple, if they can keep it complicated instead? ;-)

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It took them 10 years, but Microsoft is back with a Flight Simulator. And this one is free! http://t.co/BLTuZlhl

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http://t.co/BwtFWyFM is down! All is lost! Head for the hills!

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Van harte met je 45e verjaardag, W.A. van Buren!

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@AGCOcorp Is that an electric Massey Ferguson? http://t.co/r958H5wu

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Repairs did take a couple of weeks, but today I’m back in my 100% electric LEAF! :-)

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