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April 17th, 2012

Move elsewhere while you still can / @Alyssa_Milano I’m looking at Pre-Schools already for my baby. L.A. Is weird.

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3rdlight Third Light is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week - we’re trying to count how many million files are stored in IMS around the world!

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@Doc008 Heb ik er eentje voor je, als je partner/broer/vader het tenminste niet erg zou vinden dat ik je dronken krijg… ;-)

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atgalaxy I wonder who would be eating out at this place? http://t.co/J9FAIaav

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@Doc008 chocomel-weer!

Of, in mijn geval Grolsch Kanon :-)

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Twitcident searches relevant tweets during big incidents http://t.co/CoMFS2JB

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Don’t think of yourself as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey.

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@noteslate Waiting excitedly. I’m as creative as a toothpick, but I am looking forward to promote you to my more creative friends

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All 5 Star Trek captains will beam down to London event http://t.co/89hX5BoS

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Google Drive to Launch Next Week With 5 GB of Free Storage [REPORT] http://t.co/NvOZwHRp

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What’s the Difference Between Sudo & Su?


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Pebble is the most funded Kickstarter project ever http://t.co/A1mYHXQX

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Cut in E-Book Pricing by Amazon Is Set to Shake Rivals: http://t.co/aeHoQx4X

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Dagbladet has it backwards. Normal edition now on http://t.co/ZD3suJeU and the special is on http://t.co/YZA55cM8

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Project ASIRRA - A brilliant new #CAPTCHA system by #Microsoft http://t.co/Nq0LUNTA

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Apple fjerner IPv6-støtte: http://t.co/u6RNU4BN

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mashable Google Spends More On One Day of Lunch Than It Will On FCC Fine - http://t.co/sqpAX9Vn

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RT @BernardusJ: Ipadtasting pÃ¥ jojotog fører til ‘Allo ‘Allo-staving. AltsÃ¥ norsk med fransk aksent.

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You can’t make somebody love you. You can only stalk them and hope for the best.

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mashable Mashable Video: Collusion for Chrome Shows What’s Tracking You Online - http://t.co/8lkQlS6F

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@SteinarJOlsen #ABB can also be http://t.co/yMW7702X . Perhaps use… #idioten instead. Although… Applies to many as well…

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17 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped - http://t.co/vg4ail35

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