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April 19th, 2012

dhewlett .@JewelStaite upon hearing the liquor store will be closed for Easter: http://t.co/u5YLvKze

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mashable RIP Picnik: 7 Free Alternatives for Quick Photo Edits - http://t.co/eJT3hLhg

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@Kiva Why are faces of Iraqi people on http://t.co/1GvGsLTA blurred out? Their personal safety?

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I’m watching Futurama (28 others checked-in) http://t.co/7EmV7Gmh @GetGlue #Futurama

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RT @mrsnorheim: De fikk iallefall til en classy overskrift pÃ¥ saken…. Giertsens analkampanje selger dritbra http://t.co/2AITb8Pj

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@CaliLewis It’s the old site, right? Fix it, or take it down. That half-working site is bad PR ;-)

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@telegraaf Ben ik helemaal voor! Mijn eigen verjaardag een nationale feestdag!

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telegraaf ‘Oranjedag op 24 april’ http://t.co/SnZpyJjE

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RT @SteinarJOlsen: Har fortalt om hvorfor jeg har fått mindre luft under vingene http://t.co/fBmTA2B2 #Stormberg

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IMHO http://t.co/ZD3suJeU should point to Breivik, and http://t.co/YZA55cM8 should give the non-Breivik version @JAMarkussen

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If you are unable to click the man on his nose, you’ve had too much alcohol! http://t.co/SvJm4HK0

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Windows Phone 7: The OS/2 of this generation? http://t.co/mdRoMSUR

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@christafloor and which are you? Stupid or incompetent? ;-)

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@christafloor She was on Curaçao during the war, so that won’t fly… ;-)

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Top 10 reasons for being Dutch http://t.co/HuRKtU1F

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Charities & good causes in India: http://t.co/gTtzHvwE

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@CaliLewis http://t.co/2fietvua is experiencing database issues when one tries to search on it…

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