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May 8th, 2012

Which brand/model watch do people wear in Stargate Atlantis? @jewelstaite @joeflanigan

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@JoeFlanigan Join me, and I’ll share another bottle with you! ;-)

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Disalmanac Today is National Teachers Day. Be sure to get your favorite teacher a nice gift, like a salary they can actually fucking live on.

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“We’d like to buy a vowel!”



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The Nerd Parent’s Guide: When and how to introduce your kids to Star Wars http://t.co/z0S3VYTv

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Why you don’t have to worry about immigrants anymore (if you did so in the first place) http://t.co/kelasXd8

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I wonder whether @PSTnorge has even noticed that their site has been down since… Saturday?

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@Schiphol Helaas… Gewone Grolsch kan ik hier ook wel krijgen, maar Kanon verkopen ze in Noorwegen niet #fail

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All @Microsoft Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds: http://t.co/N5TGOANx

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@bibianharmsen Proberen! Misschien welveen Guinness-vermelding waard! ;-)

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