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May 10th, 2012

Skype Connect with your mom this #MothersDay via @Skype! Learn how by clicking here: http://t.co/QeU9mliw

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Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Tune Jaren 70)- http://t.co/ayC9kRo4 #Totzover @wereldomroep 

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BillsBand Alles staat klaar; we tellen af! @wereldomroep : Veel succes en plezier met jullie laatste uitzending! #totzover http://t.co/gzxfsWwQ

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Finally! @andersonrdean in Stargate Atlantis. Watching ‘the Real World’.

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@wereldomroep Ik zie dat de links voor de downloads daaronder staan. Haal ik het morgenavond even op. Kan helaas niet live luisteren

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GemeenteHsum Om 22.05 speelt ons carillon ter opening van de 24-uurs afscheidsmarathon van Radio Nederland Wereldomroep: http://t.co/COBdybtT

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@wereldomroep Is de 24-uurs marathon na afloop ook ergens te downloaden?

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets: An Original-Spelling Text by William Shakespeare http://t.co/oP0KyZni

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What will be the (Android!) Samsung Galaxy S III / HTC One X ‘killer’?

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Reading ‘Gabriel’s Journey’ on via the @amazonkindle app. Good book! Get it as well: http://t.co/PPokafAz

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Watch “Star Wars Main Title Theme (Vocal Cover)” http://t.co/kTRHmG0L

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@SteveUmstead Individual Kindle editions of Gabriel Trilogy: 911 pages total. Gabriel’s Journey: 664 pages. What has been left out?

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sos4children SOS-News: My warm and cosy bed: http://t.co/GTYsKJKL

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mashable Facebook just got a little bit more like Apple and Google with an apps center - http://t.co/K7Tnaguf

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RE: @theforeignerno Norwegians, Swedes & Danes should communicate in English with each other. I’m amazed every time w… http://t.co/ncYuF8iK


mashable Own An iPod? Then You’re Suing Apple [VIDEO] - http://t.co/YQlrU9Lo

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Philips’ new 100W-equivalent LED bulb runs on just 23W http://t.co/WMRUmf8R

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Nederland lovfestet nettnøytralitet: http://t.co/UMzDwYO3

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shanselman The Floppy Disk Icon means “save” for a whole generation of people who have never seen one.

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Just how rich is Apple? [Infographic] http://t.co/yTjfTfKE

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Microsoft bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla says http://t.co/p7NrGD33

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