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Sarpsborg, Norway

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May 30th, 2012

Isn’t 21:30 a bit late for your concert today, @justinbieber ? It’s past the bedtime of your fans…

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Hundreds of potential new IP addresses for The Pirate Bay http://t.co/Z3FllsIj

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Oslo Subway Grid, translated into English http://t.co/qVddGTZC

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mashable Apple Store Down for Updates - http://t.co/Dg1uQwQ6

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RT @politietostfold: Nattknappen er et tilbud fra Røde Kors i Østfold i samarbeid med Østfold politidistrikt og andre. Les mer her: http …

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How to cause a physical #DDoS in #Oslo today: Spread rumors on where @justinbieber is (via @thorsheim)

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RT @thorsheim: Ser ut som om man kan gjøre fysisk DDoS i Oslo i dag ved Ã¥ plante rykter om hvor Justin befinner seg…. #seoghør

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SkyNewsBreak Reuters: Former Liberian President Charles Taylor given 50 year sentence by judges in The Hague

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BBCBreaking Wikileaks founder Julian #Assange, charged in Sweden with rape & assault, to be extradited from UK to Sweden http://t.co/Xn1ux9XI

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Did Microsoft Just Give Up on Windows 8 for Businesses? http://t.co/mnx9Xbf9

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Microsoft is serious about open source: 10 proof points http://t.co/Nmk9IFfG

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The Dirtiest PC You’ll See Today [Video] http://t.co/698FeIEs

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