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June 22nd, 2012

Inheritance scam letter in the postal mail http://t.co/1VMb5Wvz

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They’re still in conclave about that… / @JewelStaite: Is the Pope catholic?

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5 years ago: the 1st official iPhone ad http://t.co/oK6f8mNq

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Hex000101 Cant believe NorWay is the only country taking this SCADA shit serious - The USA is a FAIL from hell

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Tornado Tracks highlights 61 years of tornado activity in the USA http://t.co/5qGKNwMO

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I dare all you iPhone/iPad users to complete your look with Apple clothing! http://t.co/smSlEyap

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@blof Waarom hebben jullie na al deze jaren nog steeds http://t.co/8Gf2MbNd niet?

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I like Danes! So open-minded!


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4% of People Have Used Their iPhone While Having Sex http://t.co/ghQr1McI As non-iPhone user I wonder: HOW?? RT @mashable

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JustAGlassChild Thanks to @tinataberima Best Part Of Me will be played on 3FM Dutch Radio tonight between 11-11.30PM! Don’t miss it! :D http://t.co/GDu7TolC

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Clart. (Good one for a word-of-the-day calendar!) / RT @DavidGArnold: http://t.co/oSHlot9F

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@meulie has earned 19 achievements on the new @klout http://t.co/HEffjqii

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Which Sci-Fi Author Famously Encourage Us To Never Forget Our Towels? http://t.co/R0glcWmV

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MrTesticles http://t.co/vRZuy76U

3million hits!!!!!!


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I just won the discussion in the office on earliest PADD’s with this lovely photo of @RealNichelle http://t.co/obsUa9KF

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@UPS Is it normal procedure for the driver to sign for ‘receiving’ the package and just leave it on my doorstep??

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mashable Facebook Now Lets You Edit Comments - http://t.co/4JFWl4CW

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engadget Flipboard officially launches on Android, in multiple app stores and for more countries - http://t.co/eDCMhWiY

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