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June 25th, 2012

@dhewlett @katehewlett Dave, you are a lucky man! I wish my sis was on Twitter ad well…

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“For cryin’ out loud!” - @andersonrdean in #Stargate (most episodes)

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knowlesjeff The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein

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I’m watching Touch (14 others checked-in) http://t.co/zBfM2LiR @GetGlue @TOUCHonTV

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dnb_hjelp @meulie Hei! Nei, bank i butikk har ikke Euro. /janne

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@dnb_hjelp Kann jeg få EUR hos Bank i Butikk?

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@tnttoon Took me several attempts to twat out the tweet…

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Scientists create bird flu that spreads easily among mammals http://t.co/D7GuxOvq

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Store nettproblemer i hele landet http://t.co/H3RvQti3

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Why children wear coats/jackets: http://t.co/r2XMHMoN

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Telenors nye pakker blir ulovlige i EU om ti dager - DN.no http://t.co/4HuGEEbP

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Pinterest not manly enough for you? Try these sites, bro http://t.co/eoonbPTK #cnn

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mashable Facebook Launches Mobile Feature ‘Find Friends Nearby’ - http://t.co/75di3DX6

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@memsql Is MemSQL a drop-in replacement for @mysql and/or @mariadb ?

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Bensinprisen faller som et lodd - og kan fortsette nedover http://t.co/AWiucHmH

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Norway men asked to don condoms for “Sex Hour” http://t.co/2TqAm72X via @reuters

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10 development technologies that refuse to die http://t.co/RB8dvfub

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Being experienced equals being a jerk http://t.co/soak1mSX

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astro_andre I will return in this Soyuz. From 28.000 to 0 km/h. We sit in the middle section. The rest will burn up. http://t.co/ganKGxZl

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Genesis 7:12 aka ‘Summer in Norway’ http://t.co/GG07pkeA

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Bosman_J In de Bijbel noemen ze 40 dagen en 40 nachten regen een plaag, in Nederland noemen we het zomer.

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kel_taylor Sad to hear Lonesome George, the giant Galapagos tortoise, has died, leaving his species extinct. http://t.co/TF8X3V5R

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