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Sarpsborg, Norway

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October 8th, 2010

@_Sam_jayne Nope, produced by my blu-ray player… Sorry…

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@_Sam_jayne I’m a Dutchman, living in Norway, but now right across the border, in Sweden. Confused yet? :-P

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@Swevicus I started somewhere halfway in the movies, with First Contact, even though that movie is missing my favorite Borg. ;-) @JeriLRyan

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Got the place to myself tonight, so it’s time for a Star Trek marathon! Hailing frequencies are open and resistance is futile! ;-)

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JeriLRyan Happy Friday, everybody!

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is off to some R&R at #Lökholmen, Sweden. But first… #Ribbe! http://bit.ly/9EuDEz

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rossdawson Hmmm. Geek2Geek is a dating site for geeks who are rejected by the rest of humanity http://www.gk2gk.com/

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Anyone else who wishes to speed to their #Samsung #Galaxy S: http://bit.ly/d1JnP3 .

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@MrWestern I aim to please, and I please to aim! 8-)

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Couldn’t restrain myself any longer and just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S Android phone.

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just arrived at the office after a nice 2.1 kms (that’s 1.3 miles for you metric-haters) through the fields. Beautiful day is starting.

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