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October 29th, 2010

@ACC_ You a little addicted to Twitter perhaps? ;-)

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@ACC_ Probably all you have to do is be (a) patient… ;-)

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@PaganX Painkillers? What ails you, if I may be so bald… err… bold to ask? ;-)

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A #Halloween costume that will have people say… ‘Holy sh*t!’ http://amzn.to/cXHxKt

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@RealNichelle @NASA Will Nichelle Nichols be joining the crew as comm. officer? ‘All hailing frequencies are open’!

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@JeriLRyan You sure it’s not because he recognized you? ;-)

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has a suggestion for the Norwegian #Vinmonopolet & the Swedish #Systembolaget: Hertog Jan Grand Prestige beer! @vinmonopolet @systembolaget

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RT @telegraaf
Willem van Oranje dwarsboomt natuurplan Rutte http://telegraaf.nl/s/80…
Mooi zo! :-)

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I just became the mayor of Hytte on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/bOrIZ0

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RT @ShaunKing: Pastors: We can tell kids about Jesus 7 days a week, but if they don’t learn to read/write/etc., we are dooming them for …

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How to stop the Web’s live sports pirates http://bit.ly/a1zZSh

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RT @magnusarnesen: Min første tweet! «That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind»????

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How to Crash Any Version of Internet Explorer with Simple HTML http://bit.ly/c99cVv

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Now how did #Dilbert know my employer is doing its yearly evaluations? http://bit.ly/bWBMEL @stigh66

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The Anti-Viral Social Strategy http://t.co/XBBh1YJ via @tsudo

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JeriLRyan Holy Crap! Now THIS is impressive. Best iPhone 4 Costume Ever: http://t.co/aVp4qRY /via @SebastienPage

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I’m at Omnicom AS (Albert Moeskaus Vei 59, Sarpsborg). http://4sq.com/aOA3aq

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