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October 15th, 2010

@ACC_ 3 hours ago you send a tweet mentioning 7 ppl or so, and #FF . No other text…
What is #FF?

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-6C/21F tonight, so a perfect temp. to sleep next to the open window :-)

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@ACC_ So many mentions of ppl that there was no space left for the message? :-)

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@AnyDree Heeft ‘ie op je frietjes geniest? ;-)

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@cnordbakk Bummer! I think I will wait a week or so…

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@cnordbakk Lemme know how the upgrade works out… :-)

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RT @JeriLRyan: Ah, my kinda holiday… Happy National Red Wine Day! Santé!! Oh, and Happy Friday too. ;-) @Vinomentary @Foodimentary

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Burger-time at Nordby

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@cnordbakk My hw-keys work fine… Where did you get yours? Got mine at Elkjop…

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lemondesign Installatiepakket Rutte 1.0 : Het veelbesproken nieuwe besturingssysteem van VVD en CDA is uit de betafase. http://www.pixelman.nl/r… LOL

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Both #GetJar and the #Rovio websites are down thanks to the release of the #Android version of Angry Birds! ;-)

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@altibox How long does it take customer support to reply to an email? Sent one on Sept. 24th (&re-sent just now) with a simple question…

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If my eye-sight didn’t deceive me, it was this bugger: http://bit.ly/9W0cPz

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@meulie I’ve been told they’re called AEW&C nowadays http://bit.ly/9YcwIA

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Just spotted an #AWACS, circling my location…

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RE: @engadget Too little, too late, in my opinion. By now there’s @Touiteur for Android which covers all my (and proba… http://disq.us/p05nu


birgerweb @SelvesteJonas http://www.thereisnopage…

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The dream of anyone who has ever had to call their #ISP for so-called ‘tech support’… http://bit.ly/bl5t96 #XKCD

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@cnordbakk You got a Samsung Galaxy S yourself? Sweet phone, isn’t it? :-)

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@JeriLRyan I haven’t the foggiest idea about how many seeds a pumpkin can contain, but I am submitting a number nonetheless: 451 :-)

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cnordbakk Snap… RT @tweetmeme Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Source Code Yanked | Android Phone Fans http://bit.ly/bXICFC

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