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October 28th, 2010

JeriLRyan Almost forgot: Happy National #ChocolateDay! As long as we keep it to white-, dark-, or mixed w/peanut butter, I’m in! /via @Foodimentary

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RealNichelle Reports of some difficulty voting but I had no prob. Let’s keep voting fair/square no mater what. https://songcontest.nasa…

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Lekker naar huis lopen

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Check out Rainmaker. I use it to sync my social networks with Google Contacts. http://rainmaker.cc/i/1g…

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Losing your driver’s license for a ‘lack of sobriety’? You can (could) in Norway! http://evert.meulie.net/…

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thanks @realnichelle for pointing out that he by accident had put his phone number in a public tweet… ;-)

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@PaganX Only had season 1 here on TV afaik. I guess I have to obtain the other seasons… elsewhere ;-)

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phone call: sure, always nice! :-)
my number is: +47-97753229. best times for me: 8am-4pm (it’s now 12:25pm here. I’m located in Norway)

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@PaganX What I’ve seen of it so far is not too bad ;-)

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modacoandroid App of the Day - The Moron Test http://bit.ly/cv7zq0 #android

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@biepbiep Je bent vergeten(?) een fotootje toe te voegen… ;-)

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Is @amandatapping the real thing? Missing the Twitter ‘verified’ icon… ;-)

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Roll-out of #FroYo stopped in Norway (perhaps other countries as well) for now because of the #Android Market issue http://bit.ly/cxrkzj

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