Evert Meulie (@meulie)

Sarpsborg, Norway

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October 19th, 2010

@ACC_ Originally the Netherlands. Living in Norway since ’97. And you?

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@ACC_ I used to be on ADSL as well. Got fiber now. Stable and fast! :-)

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@supercurio Sounds good. It should give my Class 10 a nice boost, I reckon.
Running your Voodoo on Froyo now. It rocks! :-)

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@supercurio After applying Voodoo 5 preview for Froyo, shouldn’t it be possible to use ext4 on my external SD as well? Still not recognized

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@IwannaZen En wat doe jij nu al 25 dagen?

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@SheilaEdrummer Gooodnight? It’s only 1:20pm in #Copenhagen. Go enjoy the sights&sites! :-)

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@ardrone #Android support… Please, please, please! :-)

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Had round 3 of #LASIK at #Memira yesterday. So far not impressed. Eyesight worse than before round 3… :-(
Perhaps it needs time to settle?

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heddasanders Kleine A (1 jr 9 mnd) pakte mijn Kindle en zei: ‘voorlezen’.

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