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Sarpsborg, Norway

The below is an off-site archive of all tweets posted by @meulie, between Mar 7th, 2007 & June 12th, 2023 (this is when Elon Musk turned off the API this archive depended on ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ ).

October 14th, 2010

I just unlocked the “Newbie” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/9hu4At

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@DanielleHermans @JosK Oud nieuws. Ze zijn al gepakt…

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RT @TwitChange: Follow @TripAlertz Become a member 4 free on their site(10 secs) http://bit.ly/9xJVxf &they’ll donate $1 to @aHomeInHait

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#winter is approaching here in #Norway. Temps below #freezing during nighttime on a daily basis now…

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If you’re interested in promoting your Twitter profile, you should check out FeaturedUsers.com. http://bit.ly/9Y5VlX

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Library Anywhere is live - http://www.librarything….

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Does anyone know whether #Curaçao & Sint Maarten get their own #ccTLD now that the Dutch Antilles are dissolved? #IANA

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A company logo that’s wrong in oh so many ways… http://bit.ly/9Vaczy

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andersonrdean http://t.co/zCxY0rK
Lorie is a dear friend of mine; please help if you can.
$1, $2….
any is appreciated

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@donttrythis @MythBusters @grantimahara Btw… How is #Mythbusters doing in North Korea? Any viewers on that side of the border…?

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@donttrythis You already know the answer to that question… Heck yeah! ;-)

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