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Sarpsborg, Norway

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October 11th, 2010

it’s pretty darn complicated to communicate in The King’s English with this 140 char limit some times… #twitter #English

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trekxpo Hollywood Xpo set to honor Nichelle Nichols - Los Angeles Daily News http://bit.ly/aPGnyH

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@JeriLRyan Here’s a #Zoo made up entirely out of type/letters: http://bemboszoo.com/ . The flash version is fun for kids. My son loves it.

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@JosK Echte Nederlandse kruiden (#nederwiet) aan het groeien, of meer legale kruidjes? :-)

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@JosK Je recycled je oude ramen toch wel, he? Kunnen ze mooi #iPhone4 schermpjes van maken… ;-)

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did you geeks (yes, that includes me…) get all the answers you were looking for yesterday, on the ultimate 42-day 10.10.10?

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