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November 8th, 2010

@Chiron723 @JeriLRyan I’m glad it’s not my Prius… I’d need a flame thrower to get rid of that much ice…!

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@speedymichel Nederlands spreken we allemaal hier in #Noorwegen ;-)

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I did a little Googling and that comes from Versoix, Switzerland: http://s.meulie.net/ce0x… (@meulie)http://yfrog.com/mvqaufj

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It could be even worse. Extremely frozen car… ;-) @jerilryan http://yfrog.com/mvqaufj

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Looks like an average car in an average winter here in Norway… :-) (@JeriLRyan)http://yfrog.com/ngvxjpj

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Hell’s Kitchen is censored so much on Norwegian TV3 that Gordon says even less than The Stig @GordonRamsay01 @BBC_TopGear @HellsKitchenFOX

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@gavin I keep getting ‘Twitter changed something. This user isn’t where they should be. Contact @gavin’ when trying to crawl my stats

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I’m at Omnicom AS / Markedspartner AS / Syzweb AS / Aveno AS (Albert Moeskaus Vei 59, Sarpsborg). http://4sq.com/aOA3aq

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