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November 17th, 2010

HDonoho Canada is so pretty.

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@JeriLRyan On www.skyradio.nl you’ll find a 24/7/365 Xmas station! ;-)

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RT @mashable: BREAKING: Twitter’s Official Analytics Product Has Arrived - http://on.mash.to/9Nd5Zz

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Gist Move Beyond a Business Card. Claim your name and build your #Gist Public Profile at http://www.gist.com.

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CaliLewis Haha! RT @johnpoz: The sole purpose of a child’s middle name is so he can tell when he is really in trouble. (via @klobetime)

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mashable “5 Design Trends That Small Businesses Can Use in 2011” - http://on.mash.to/94g1ui by @film_girl

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MythBusters “You guys certainly make (science) fun. I love your show.” — Al Gore

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@bbcfocus How about an android app? :-)

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LaterBro lets you to schedule recurring Twitter/Facebook posts, allowing you to be online, even when you’re not http://s.meulie.net/bFXn…

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supercurio I received my official iPhone headset (really terrible sound, makes me sad thinking so many ppl use it). And yes, they don’t work on I9000

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@gogoJERSON You already told me this… Or is this an automated bot? Which tweet of me triggered it…?

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@Simple_Talk I am unable to join at http://www.simple-talk.c… . Clicking ‘join’ gives me a runtime error…

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