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May 4th, 2011

googlemaps View your search results on Google Web History and more with Google Maps 5.4 for Android - http://goo.gl/TJu1p

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engadget Microsoft confirms WP7 handsets updated using ‘unofficial mechanisms’ cannot get latest update http://engt.co/kknYsF

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RealNichelle The crisis in Japan has a long reach. Just heard from someone who was laid off because the parts they need are delayed coming out of Japan.

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Gelukkig de #dodenherdenking ook in Noorwegen kunnen volgen, met dan aan http://player.omroep.nl/…

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I don’t smell my pee, I flush it ;-) // RT @Alyssa_Milano: Why asparagus makes your pee smell all funny

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Dacht even dat er ‘schijt van wijf’ stond // RT @gvanlee: http://yfrog.com/h2i0vfgj zo, de schijf van vijf is weer binnen.

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Your eyes are stored in those 2 tiny toilets? // RT @rockitwithjbird: Finally got my eye back!!! http://twitpic.com/4tcbww

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bryanadams Dutch concert poster, 4th June 2011 http://twitpic.com/4t99xl

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@sethandshannon1 @ASUS Unfortunately only for USA/Canada…

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Time for some cleaning, so whip out your Stupid Child Efficiency-Mop #fail http://twitpic.com/4t84n4

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I thought the #Amish shun all forms of modern technology? #fail

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Raampje open en naar buiten mieteren // RT @AndreaSvZ: zooitje ongeregeld in de trein http://t.co/Bz9heU5

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Destroying stacks of 10+year old backups, all on 3.5” disks #geekfun

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sippey Leave it to an ad for Google Chrome to make me feel inadequate as a father. http://bit.ly/jGxGCQ

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LoesjeNL **het nut van herdenken … is dat we zelf blijven denken** http://twitpic.com/4t3xmo #4Mei #loesje

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engadget Dual-booting ViewSonic ViewPad 10 gets Android 2.2 upgrade, patient owners join 2010 http://engt.co/kPs8h9

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@ACC_ Too extreme for me. Mine is more subtle…

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As crazy as they can be! // RT @ACC_ You’re a crazy man…lol…and you have a personal stylist?

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Yup, promoting my monkeytail beard http://evert.meulie.net/… // RT @ACC_ I’ve heard my name! Hey Evert a new pic? @JeriLRyan

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