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May 19th, 2011

RT @rebelarjen: Waarom noemen vrouwen elkaar onderling steeds “babe”? Dat maken wij wel uit ja.

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AndroidPolice New in #Android: Galaxy S, Vibrant, And Nexus S 4G Join The Captivate As The Latest Officially Supported… http://bit.ly/locNmz

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crashplan Today marks the 10th anniversary of Apple’s retail stores. On May 19, 2001 the very first store opened in McLean, Virginia.

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BBCBreaking #Cannes Film Festival bans Lars von Trier after Danish director said he sympathised with Hitler

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Impressive catch by Evan Longoria http://www.youtube.com/w…

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@firefox Why does FF4 no longer support the gopher protocol…? #fail #gopher

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Forget all this modern html/css/www/javascript/flash stuff. Go old school! gopher://gopher.meulie.net/ #Gopher

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What it was like on the Internet/ARPAnet, 25 years ago: http://telehack.com/

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@RealNichelle So it’s time to beam Scotty up into stardom? :-)

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Beam him up? #StarTrek // RT @Alyssa_Milano: Scotty. That is all. #AmericanIdol

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Hello??? Is it me you’re looking for? http://twitpic.com/4zfddi

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