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May 24th, 2011

Visit my website and you’ll get a couple // RT @JoannaStern I really want a cookie.

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Is the Launch Speed in Angry Birds Constant? | Wired Science | Wired.com http://t.co/WZh8hbW

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Wasn’t your mother your first fan? // RT @ChefEme @JeriLRyan I love my wife !! My first fan ever!!

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Wikipedia is down! The rapture is here, at last! #wikipedia #rapture

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Wikipedia down? Whoops… @jimmy_wales

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@heatherAtaylor Thanks! Mind is a likely candidate for one of the coming months!

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@heatherAtaylor If you could suggest 1 charity or good cause to @donateadaynet , which would it be?

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Girl in Iceland carying away lamb as the ashes come down. Biblical. http://bit.ly/mLy7go

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@ficeto No problem when it comes to mysql connections. Got a server of my own ;-) Got an indication on how much bandwidth/day the site use?

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@JonasMGA Got a little text-blurb that can replace ‘xxyyzzz’ on http://donateaday.net/si… ? :-)

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@JonasMGA @donateadaynet Always a good idea if you live in a small country like Norway ;-)

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Confirmed, and right back at you! // RT @heatherAtaylor: And a good morning to you all?

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@JonasMGA @donateadaynet Int. day? Aren’t we both in Norway? ;-)

(No, I am not Norwegian…)

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@darkyy92 @ficeto What are the specs of the current servers/connection?

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