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May 10th, 2011

Is die onzin vanavond? Ben ik even blij dat ik het gemist heb! #esf #esc

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Carrie has left again, so I’m off to bed… #Zzz

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PhotoJeanique RT @follownadine: Mensen die in Enkhuizen wonen en #songfestival kijken,uitzetten en de straat op, zoeken http://yfrog.com/hsyecubj #vermist

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@JosK Wist je toch zowiezo al? ;-)

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If they’d shot Carrie(1976) 10 years ago, either @BethJRiesgraf or @HDonoho would make a good Carrie imho

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Carrie is here. See you when I am done watching her ;-)

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RT @mashable: Google Launches Movies for Android — http://on.mash.to/iv4GBb

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Eating or smoking? // RT @DavidGArnold hands up who likes seaweed?

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Got the place to myself tonight, so I think I’ll invite a cute girl. Probably #Carrie http://uk.imdb.com/title…

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#Skype will be renamed to MS #Skynet. Now where have we heard that name before…? #Terminator

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@thinkgeek Skynet… Hmm, where have heard that name before…? #Terminator

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mashable 23,000 Targeted in BitTorrent Lawsuit - http://on.mash.to/k5iqy6

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Microsoft will purchase Skype - there goes yet another good system down the M$-drain…

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Good news for the ladies out there: the #Terminator is single again http://www.imdb.com/news…

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JoannaStern Microskype does have a certain ring to it! Microsoft close to buying Skype for $7 billion http://t.co/dFtWrPg

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