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May 11th, 2011

Hoe ziet #AlarmeringDroid eruit op een ASUS Transformer Tæblet? @gvanlee

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@gowalla still a no-go. I tried it 22:12 Amsterdam time, about 1-2 minutes ago. username: neefeef

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@gowalla Both Chrome and IE give me a ‘Shenanigans!’…

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For my Samsung Galaxy S I follow @supercurio & @darkyy92 . Who to follow for ASUS Transformer mods?

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bbcfocus Today we salute Douglas Adams who died 10 years ago. Beautiful lament for him, written by Richard Dawkins: http://bit.ly/mInIoB

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@Ramonahz That one has been around for years… ;)

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@ACC_ And a happy (belated?) birthday from me! :-)

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Turn an Excel table into clean HTML: http://s.meulie.net/kphG… (approved by @birgerweb )

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Good or bad news? ‘Foxconn denies it makes workers sign no-suicide contract’ http://s.meulie.net/jam7…

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engadget Google to offer $20-a-month ‘student package’ for a Chrome laptop? http://engt.co/jPVnKR

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