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Sarpsborg, Norway

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May 13th, 2011

@darkyy92 Wifi needs fixing. Getting a much better signal with v9…

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@kristianlunde It’s weekend. Give the computer a rest, and aim your attention @Ramonahz instead ;-)

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I just watched ‘Pillars of the Earth’. If shot 10 years earlier, @HDonoho would have been a perfect Aliena @KMFollett

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Dog ‘surfing’ down the stairs http://youtu.be/lJTISqpZ… #cute

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petterihiisila Perkele!!! Our dog had made a big poo on the floor during the day. Next, our iRobot did its 90-min daily sweep! Yes, it is Everywhere.

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henkwestbroek Het gerucht gaat dat alle deelnemers aan het songfestival hun vakdiploma ” muzikaal communiceren ” bij Inholland gehaald hebben.

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@JosK Oh, de muziek van Prince is _zeker_ beter dan die van Sheila, maar toch _zie_ ik liever Sheila (terwijl ik Prince _hoor_) :)

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@JosK Ik zie liever Sheila E dan dat kleine mannetje ;-)

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Europe is a great place to visit! Visiting Norway/Netherlands by any chance? // RT @ashleytisdale: Packing for Europe!!!

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