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March 2nd, 2011

@supercurio Tell those few whiners to go… err… vibrate themselves. You product rocks!

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HDonoho It would’ve been nice if the ipad2 could of waited a half a second longer to make me hate my ipad1. #ElectronicDecencyDefied

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Wonders whether @stigh66 can wait until the 25th to get his hands on an #Ipad2

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@PeerIndex Be gentle with him, or he might go for the bottle again! ;-)

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@simoncast Don’t disappoint poor Charlie too much, or he might pick up the bottle again ;-)

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Now @charliesheen is listed at @klout . Still a no-show at @PeerIndex though…

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Apple store is closed again. Do #Apple computers have as much #downtime as http://store.apple.com/ ?

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@corinekimball Not a bad translation! :-)

You Dutch, or is Google Translate helping you out? ;-)

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wikileaks Qaddafi Military Spending Below Sweden | Bloomberg http://is.gd/0OXaKD

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techdirt IEEE Decides That Its Own Profits Are More Important Than Sharing Knowledge http://dlvr.it/J34Zp

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@spoonapps I think the new ‘feature’ just hit me: Getting ‘Unable to contact the application server’…

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11.6 Hours Scam Spreading on Twitter [WARNING] http://s.meulie.net/i1It… #twitter #scam

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CaptPaulWatson The Aurora Australis - Southern Lights http://twitpic.com/45c2kf

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Thanks to @darkyy92 for yet another perfect custom ROM for my #GalaxyS ! :-)

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Toll: Dyrere fortolling - DinSide Økonomi: http://www.dinside.no/86… #Toll #Norge #fail

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No sign of @charliesheen yet in neither @klout nor @PeerIndex

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@JeriLRyan We joined twitter eons ago, and have ‘a few’ followers. @charliesheen joins a few hours ago: > 500.000! #notfair

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@gvanlee ik te voet, over sneeuw en ijs

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