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March 16th, 2011

engadget Sun.com, the twelfth oldest domain on the internet, will be decommissioned on June 1st http://engt.co/h5lgvI

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@jerilryan RT @thinkgeek: LINKS. Voyager & Borg wedding cakes http://j.mp/ez4T5Z

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@CaliLewis …and an Android phone may be the solution :-)

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You can count on the ‘recorded’ part // RT @DavidGArnold: This tweet is being monitored for training purposes and may be recorded.

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@DavidGArnold I’ll keep an eye out for it on YouTube ;-)

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@skazita Oh, I like the guy as a person, and he did a perfect job. But I still dislike going to the dentist VERY much…

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Just endured 45 minutes of non-stop ‘fun’ in the dentist’s chair…

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ShelterBox 244 ShelterBoxes are now in #Japan and another 224 are leaving the UK today. More than 1/2 a million people are in temporary #shelter.

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@JeriLRyan Is #Ortolan closed permanently, or just temporarily?

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I see #Ortolan is closed…? Is that temporary, or permanently? @ChefEme

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Sheila E? // RT @biepbiep: Pfff wat zet juf E al die liedjes hoog in! 8-)

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Did the banana exit through an input-hole? // RT @DavidGArnold: don’t drink heavily when you’ve eaten one banana the whole day.

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Bra! // RT @vgnett: @meulie Dette skal vi sjekke opp straks!

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Donated to www.shelterbox.no for 2 boxes. Every little bit helps! @ShelterBox #ShelterBox

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George Takei on the Japan Quake and Tsunami: Gaman http://s.meulie.net/dXgy… @GeorgeTakei

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If you’re cooler than me, doesn’t that make me hotter than you?

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RT @bjorn_bore: Et klokt valg! RT @meulie: @vgnett Hmm, jeg tror jeg skal bruke http://m.db.no/ for #Japan nyheter pÃ¥ min mobil enhet fo …

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