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March 27th, 2011

@ACC_ Check http://www.youtube.com/w… from about 3:28. Don’t see/hear similarities?

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Is it just me, or do Kate Mulgrew & Cherry Jones look like twin-sisters, separated at birth? #KateMulgrew #CherryJones

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I just unlocked the “Bender” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/gX6FOr

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Normal behaviour when uploading spinning class // RT @MrWestern Cannot upload to #garmin connect. Uploader just spins forever..

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mashable Richard Simmons + Air New Zealand = Best In-Flight Safety Video Ever - http://on.mash.to/eKxGYW

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GeorgeTakei The 3 nations that don’t use the metric system? USA, Liberia & Myanmar. The Axis of Backwards. #NeedStrongerLiters

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@BoswachterNHD Zo ver weg… en hier ook mooie bossen. Maar geen boswachters…
Ben volgende maand in NL, dus als het weer goed is… :-)

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Amazing Dancer - Norway’s got talent 2011 - Tord (10) - http://www.youtube.com/w…

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@darkyy92 Still seeing 9.4 boot animation. Is that because I didn’t wipe?

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@elshanson I wish I could, but I’d collapse before even reaching you #incrappyshape

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@BoswachterNHD Dacht ik al, maar wilde het toch effect checken. Al weer sinds ’98 uit Castricum weg, dus ik weet het niet allemaal meer ;-)

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Another weekend, another #headache… Not fun…

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antiSerphres Textaphrenia - thinking you’ve heard or felt a new text message vibration when there’s actually no message at all. #wealldoit

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